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    Nina Totenberg Narrates “"Girl from Birch Creek”!"

    We are thrilled that Nina Totenberg of National Public Radio agreed to read the narration for the ‘”Girl from Birch Creek.”  She did a wonderful job, breathing even more energy into the documentary.  Thank you, Nina Totenberg, for doing such a great job!

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    "Girl from Birch Creek"

    The Life and Legacy of Justice Rosalie Wahl, a 56 minute documentary by Lightshed Productions

    Narrated by: Nina Totenberg

    Written and Directed by: Emily Haddad

    Produced by: John Kaul and Emily Haddad

  • Emily Haddad and Rosalie Wahl


    A presentation of the Washington County Historical Society, this project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.

She overcame hardship and tragedy to fight for civil rights, women's rights and equal access to justice.